Our Exam Centre : Sit GCSE/IGCSE and A-level Exams in May/June 2018 -  WJEC(EDUQAS) and CAMBRIDGE(CIE) exam boards

We are currently accepting entries for students who want to sit the GCSE/IGCSE, AS and A-level qualifications in May/June 2018 with the Cambridge and EDUQAS/WJEC exam board. The Cambridge exam board is of course a better choice than AQA, OCR or EDEXCEL as you do not need to sit practical exams for the GCSE/IGCSE sciences. Also, most GCSE languages do not necessarily require a course work with this exam board making it more suitable for external and adult candidates.  For A-level students, you also only need to sit 1 practical examination and not 12 as compared to other exam boards. The Cambridge CIE board is the first UK examination board with a more relaxed approach to how questions are set and marked. You can book online here

Our examination venue is located in town centre area of Stockport (1, Bann Street, Stockport, SK3 0EX) where we serve students based in Greater Manchester and Chesire Counties. Students outside these areas are more than welcome to enrol with us as well.

We are about 5 miles away from Central Manchester and are located towards the south of Manchester making us easily accessible.We are a 5 minutes from the main central train and bus station in Stockport town centre. There is also ample free car park right in front of our main building.

When you have booked all your examinations we will enter you for your chosen exams and email you your Statement of Entry. This is an official document, which states all the exams you have been entered for, along with their dates and times. Please keep it safe, as you will be required to bring it to each of your exams. Please follow the link to see more. Read More

Book Your Exams Online With Us. Click Here.

We are currently accepting online examination bookings for only CIE (Cambridge International)  May/June 2018  GCSE/IGCSE, O  Level (Ordinary) and A-level examinations. Click here to book

Why Choose the Cambridge CIE Specification over AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR?

1. The Cambridge IGCSE and A-level qualifications are recognized by all UK universities and universities in Australia, America and Asia . Their acceptance is not limited to the UK unlike the other exam boards

2.  You have the opportunity to re-sit Specific units of a subject  if you fail them unlike the other exam boards that insist that you sit all the papers again for that particular subject even if you fail only one unit

3. If you are an A-level Science Student (A-level Biology, A-level Chemistry, and A-level Physics) offering the Cambridge specification/curriculum, you only need 2 practicals and not 12 as obtained with the other examination boards.

4. The curriculum has not changed in a very long time. So, you have lots of past exam papers and mark schemes to work with. This is not the case with AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL, WJEC, as the curriculum has recently changed most old past papers are not really relevant. This has affected the results of lots of students.

5. It is the oldest and most experienced  of all the exam boards having being established in 1858. 

6. You have the benefit of sitting an exam with an exam board  that has until recently only  being offered to students in high fee paying private colleges in the UK. 

GCSE and A-level Science Practical Training Sessions For All Exam Boards.

Are you sitting exams involving GCSE or A-level practicals in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the 2018 exam series for any exam board?. Do you wish to practice and train for the practicals, then we can help at just £50/hour  for a 2-hour session. This includes the use of our science equipment and non-reusable materials. After these sessions, you will definitely be able to go for your actual practical sessions like a pro !. 

Please find our dates below - 

Wednesday, 7th March,  5.30pm-7.30pm    -    £100

Wednesday, 14th March,   5.30pm-7.30pm  -  £100

Wednesday,  21st March, 5.30pm-7.30pm     - £100

Wednesday 28th March,  5.30pm -7.30pm   - £100

Wednesday 11th April,  5.30pm-7.30pm   - £100

Wednesday 18th April, 5.30pm-7.30pm    - £100

Wednesday 25th April, 5.30pm-7.30pm  - £100

You can book a practical session through this link http://payments.optimaltutors.co.uk stating which day and practical subject you want training for. Email us at info@manchesterexamcentreco.uk for more enquiries.

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I booked the exam online in a matter of minutes. No hassle!. The examination arrangement, supervision and results dissemination were all quite satisfactory.

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