2. Now you can select exam series, for example May/June 2017. After doing this press Continue To Book Exam.


3. This page shows all the details of the exams. In order to book the right exam you need to select the right Exam Level:


4. You have to choose the Exam Board


5. You have to choose the Exam Subject


6. Choose the Exam Unit if necessary.


Text Box: 7. Once you find the exam tick Select and press the Book Exams button. In case you want to book more than one exam you can go back to the step 3 and reselect it through the filter.


8. The next page shows the Exam Booking Form, which you need to fill with your detailed information. Please don’t forget to write your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) (If you have any from previous GCSE/A-Level Exams)